Euro Vista Slide™ thermally broken impact​ rated lift and ​sliding​ ​ door for ​​large openings provides both impact strength as well as superior energy efficiency with a flush sill. Florida Product Approved.​
System Design: Design and size components to withstand dead and live loads caused by pressure and suction of wind acting normal to plane of folding glass wall as calculated in accordance with applicable code.
Closeout Submittals: Provide manufacturer’s maintenance instructions that include recommendations for periodic checking and adjustment and periodic cleaning and maintenance of all components

Panel Options:The Euro Vista Stack™ can be built as framed units (standard door panels) or frameless units (all glass panels with a narrow top and bottom rail).
Configuration:The Euro Vista Stack can be stacked to the right, left or both right and left as a two component door system.
Hardware:Non-corrosive material / stainless steel available.
Twinpoint Hardware:Stainless steel (304SS) and aluminum components.
16' Tall Panel Flexibility:The massive panel height abilities make the Vista Stack an ideal solutions for residences, store fronts, stadiums, private suites, restaurants, room dividers and more.
Frame Material Options:Aluminum, thermally broken, aluminum with wood cladding.
Stacking Options:Standard stacking options are 90° perpendicular, parallel, 135° parallel (see next page for details) - custom stacking options are also available.
Pivot Door Option:Certain stacking configurations allow the application of an active pivot door with a 5 point locking system (3 hooks + top and bottom shootbolts).
Sills:Does not require a threshold / floor track.
Matching Fixed Units:Matching transom and sidelite units available.


Top hung stacking glass doors create a strong, safe and secure way of effortlessly opening and closing your entrance while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your residential or commercial space. Stacking glass doors provide an uninterrupted view, whether open or closed. They slide, pivot and stack in a similar style to bi-folding doors and stack against the walls or into pocket locations at either end of the opening..

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