You shouldn’t have to compromise between design flexibility and comprehensive fire and smoke protection. At Total Door, we believe in the fusion between beautiful design and perfectly integrated function.
The Total Door System allows your design vision to shine, allowing nearly infinite design finishes, veneers or architectural metal finishes without compromising safety. Total Door Systems maintain the lowest smoke migration rating in the market, and adhere to all regulatory requirements including national fire life safety codes and ADA requirements – including up to three-hour, temperature rise, and “S” smoke labels.
Total Door systems are engineered to have few moving parts and few service components; and they offer simple installation without the need for field assembly. The result? A cost-effective solution for comprehensive fire and smoke protection that maintains the integrity of the architect’s design.

Looking for reliable security solutions? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Our team can help analyze your requirements and provide strategy that exceeds your expectations.

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